Hyphen PDA will continue with its daily operations of collections, processing deposits and distributing to Credit Providers as per the repayment plans loaded by Debt Counsellors. We have put business continuity strategies in place to ensure business can continue as close to normal as possible. We kindly request your patience during this time as we have adopted the accepted policy of social distancing and allowing our staff to work from home. You might experience marginal delays in response to you as result a thereof. For more information on COVID-19, please visit

(Y)our hyphen PDA for debt counsellors

We offer your Consumers and the Credit Providers assurance of good financial corporate governance.

Our Debt

Execute Debt Review successfully

Reporting and notifications on financial status of consumers

System messaging between the Debt Counsellor software and Hyphen PDA

Our software is affordable, easy to use and scalable

The Process

Hyphen PDA receives a Debt Review repayment plan from the Debt Counsellor.

We validate the plan and ensure successful distributions.

Debt Counsellor uploads Payment Plan to Hyphen PDA
Hyphen PDA will validate the Payment Plan
Hyphen PDA collects money from the consumer, or accepts payments from consumers
Ensure successful distributions within 5 business days

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for debt

Hyphen PDA is more than just a distribution agency. With us you have access to award-winning software, business systems and meaningful reporting, as well as highly trained professionals who can assist you every step of the way.
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