Please be advised that neither Hyphen PDA, the NCR or your Debt Counsellor will ever ask you to pay your debt review obligation payment into another bank account other than that of Hyphen PDA. If there is such a request, please do not proceed as it is a Scam.

Hyphen PDA is listed as a Public Recipient, for your ease of banking. You can easily select it, by typing in Hyphen PDA on your Banking App or your Online Digital Banking platform, filling in your amount and adding your Consumer Identity Number as your Reference! If unsure, please contact us on 011 – 303 0060.

(Y)our hyphen PDA for debt counsellors

We offer your Consumers and the Credit Providers assurance of good financial corporate governance.

Our Debt

Executes the Debt Review successfully.

Provides reporting and notifications on the financial status of the Consumers and Debt Counsellor’s management of their clients through the Hyphen PDA Portal.

Provides system messaging between the Debt Counsellor software and Hyphen PDA.

The Hyphen PDA Portal is designed to provide efficient reporting and forecasting for its users.

How does the PDA Process work?

Hyphen PDA receives a Debt Review repayment plan from the Debt Counsellor.

We validate the plan and ensure successful distributions.

The Debt Counsellor uploads a Payment Plan
Hyphen PDA validates the Payment Plan
Hyphen PDA initiates a collection/accepts the payment of the money as per the agreement from the consumer
Hyphen PDA ensures that a successful distribution is made to the Credit Providers within 5 business days

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Hyphen PDA is more than just a distribution agency. With us you have access to award-winning software, business systems and meaningful reporting, as well as highly trained professionals who can assist you every step of the way.
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