Please be advised that neither Hyphen PDA, the NCR or your Debt Counsellor will ever ask you to pay your debt review obligation payment into another bank account other than that of Hyphen PDA. If there is such a request, please do not proceed as it is a Scam.

Hyphen PDA is listed as a Public Recipient, for your ease of banking. You can easily select it, by typing in Hyphen PDA on your Banking App or your Online Digital Banking platform, filling in your amount and adding your Consumer Identity Number as your Reference! If unsure, please contact us on 011 – 303 0060.

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Hyphen PDA is more than just a distribution agency. With us you have access to award-winning software, business systems and meaningful reporting, as well as highly trained professionals who can assist you every step of the way.
Debt Counsellor Registration
Hyphen PDA is registered with the NCR (NCRPDA01)
following a rigorous process whereby systems, business processes and other capabilities are tested and are audit compliant.


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I want to cancel my Debt Review
Only a Debt Counsellor can arrange the cancellation of a Debt Review and this is not done through a Payment Distribution Agent. Your Debt Counsellor’s... contact information can be found on the Form 16 which was signed at the time of application for Debt Review as well as on the Consumer Statement provided by Hyphen PDA.
Where can I check my outstanding balances?
Hyphen PDA provides an indicative balance per obligation on the Consumer Statement which is simply the opening balance and is reduced by the instalment... paid monthly. This can never be accurate because the Credit Provider may have imposed additional charges for late payment, skipped payments, ancillary charges etc. The Debt Counsellor is in the position, on request, to get an updated and accurate balance from the Credit Provider. For further information, please contact your Debt Counsellor for an updated balance.
Why do my outstanding balances change from statement to statement?
Outstanding balances do change for various reasons: (a) interest on the obligation is recalculated on a monthly basis by your Credit Provider (b) certain... obligations might have been fully repaid while others may have been cascaded or even escalated because more money now becomes available (c) there may have been late or skipped payments and (d) the Credit Provider may have provided an updated balance to the Debt Counsellor. The balance at the PDA is indicative only – the obligation to the Credit Provider can never be annulled through the debt review process.